Characteristics of Online Learning

Characteristics of Online Learning

Benefits and Drawbacks

In today’s world, online learning needs no introduction. So let us briefly discuss a few factors that have contributed towards its growth. 

  • Worldwide distribution of webcams in 1994. 
  • Availability of educational resources on the web. 
  • Online learning is available for students of all ages. 
  • The chronic recession of 2008 was a result of poorly pre-pared education systems. People are changing/upgrading their careers by utilizing online education. 
  • The ability to learn almost anything on demand. 
  • Flexibility, available 24/7 and in many different formats,  including graphic, books, videos, 121 tutorings, etc.
The younger generation prefers a non-traditional approach to education for faster advancement in their careers while at the same time completing and furthering their education.

Moving on to the benefits and drawbacks of online learning, as opposed to talking about each of these one by one, let’s have an overall glance and then go into detail of how each characteristic of online learning has its pros and cons.

Affordable Less opportunity for social interaction
Efficient  Reputation matters (as in offline education)
Easy to access Catering to special education is limited
Better quality of learning material 

Online learning is flexible

Flexibility is definitely one of the biggest advantages of online education. When selecting your online classes, you can choose the learning environment and how you want to interact with the subject matter. If you choose textual or video form, you can go through the content while lying on bed or eating your meals. Because of this freedom of choice, more people are encouraged to take online courses but, there are a few cons with this level of flexibility.

For the lazy kind, flexibility can bring out the worst in some people. By empowering students to plan their own learning schedule, they may choose to procrastinate, resulting in being left behind. This responsibility depends on each individual, and only if online programs are taken seriously, you will be able to stay focused and motivated. If your time management skills and discipline are not up to the mark, the online course may not be beneficial for you, unless you want to challenge yourself and grow in the process.

The internet is an open market

The internet is an open market, which has proved to be the means by which online programs have become much better and efficient with each passing year. Competition keeps increasing, resulting in higher quality and standards of online degree programs, while also making these more affordable. The window for international students to participate in online degree programs is now easier to access than ever before, with those who need it the most reaping the highest benefits from it.

Online learning is, also, cheaper, because of the lower expenses involved in setting a virtual space to share knowledge across the world.

The drawback of this open market is that several special courses, such as Chemistry and other medicinal subjects, cannot be offered online because the hazards related to it and the hands-on approach required. There is a possibility that these will come around in the future, but definitely not anytime soon.  Also, while the internet makes online studying affordable, the quality of the course may be at stake.  You need to check the history of your online college and their credibility as well so that you don’t end up wasting time with incomplete learning experiences.

Lack of social interaction

Some consider the lack of social interaction as a disadvantage of online education, but others consider this to be a misconception. For students that are uncomfortable in classroom settings, individual learning opportunities offered by online education is a blessing. Social interaction can be important for some, but a burden for introverts. The latter dislike the pressure to interact with peers and teachers and would prefer to study in comfortable private environments such as their home, this alone, dramatically improves their ability to learn and succeed in any area.

Changing reputation of online students

When online education began to gain popularity, degree programs, in particular, were faced with a lot of scrutinies for several reasons. The main argument usually was that the courses were not regulated by government officials or any overseeing body to guarantee that the learning material was of high standards. But today, the industry has vastly changed. Employers are content with qualified job applicants and virtual classrooms are a common standard. As a result, online education programs are enjoying a  better reputation as compared to a few years ago. Over time, online degrees have the same level of recognition that traditional degree programs.


Cost savings is a big bonus if you want to improve in your professional career. Furthermore, online learning can be faster and easier because the learning matter is filtered by professionals, providing you with only the essentials. Everything you need to know is summed up into one knowledge base that you can access at any time, anywhere. This huge emphasis on flexibility and taylor-made experiences is why more and more people are being attracted towards online education.  

Being a pediatrician through an online degree program is not possible at the moment, but will be in the future.

With technology continuously advancing, there will be more room for online job applications, which will be a big step forward in the online education industry.

As for the other drawbacks, it is very clear that most of these can be overlooked by eliminating the stereotype factor and making yourself more disciplined towards the remote learning process. 

How MeiXter can be the key to online learning

MeiXter is an online learning platform that focuses on knowledge and skill sharing across the world.  With a global pandemic underway, onsite learning is a rare opportunity. 

In times like these, MeiXter platform is perfect for bringing people together 

It has come to light that instead of opting for formal online degree programs, owning an employable skill is more essential. This means that the market for skill acquisition is rapidly expanding. MeiXter’s user experience and interface design is aimed at revolutionizing both online teaching and online learning.

Similarly, for learners, there is a lack of low-cost platforms to learn a new skill and be able to excel at it, and MeiXter offers just that. By integrating an user-friendly design, MeiXter encourages the younger generation to participate and learn more. Tutors can earn money in the form of coins by sharing their skills and knowledge and learners can make use of these skills in their personal lives and professional careers.


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