Tips to build your MeiXter video pitch

Tips to build your MeiXter video pitch

Through MeiXter’s web and mobile-based learning platform, anyone in the world can share skills and expertise by connecting with others on the platform.

Why should MeiXter be your chosen learning platform?

MeiXter is aiming to create an ecosystem to give and receive knowledge with a sense of global community.

  • While tutors can earn by sharing skills and knowledge, learners can use those skills to help them with their personal and professional lives.
  • MeiXter provides an ideal skill-sharing platform for those who do not have a formal degree and are yet skilled and experienced in specific areas that are in demand. 
  • With online education being normalized, parents are hesitant to relocate themselves or send children away for education, particularly in health hazardous times like these. 
  • People are noticing that an employable skill is more necessary than a paper qualification – hence the market for skill acquisition is growing considerably.
  • MeiXter promotes personal engagement, thereby creating a unique feedback loop for each student-teacher relationship. 
  • Without heavy subscription investments, the opportunity for online learning platform
  • Online content delivery is currently focusing on the English language. This means that people who dialect in other languages are left out. MeiXter is currently operating in English, very soon in Spanish, with hopes of expanding to Chinese and Portuguese in the coming future.

Tips on making a powerful video pitch


What makes an educational video pitch stand out?

As a rule of thumb, you have only 30-60 seconds to grab a viewer’s attention in a video pitch. This speech must be delivered in a concise and compelling way, including all necessary attraction points that will lure the interests of viewers. To create a compelling elevator speech, learn about professional branding, and how you can promote yourself as a brand. With a properly drafted elevator speech, you can create a good image for yourself. Things to remember when creating an educational elevator pitch.

  • Keep in mind you will be talking to a platform of teachers and learners.
  • Promote your unique selling point – what makes you different from others that are on the platform. 
  • Address problems that are faced by those interested in learning about your field of work.
  • Address how you can help solve those problems.
  • Use the kind of language that you would normally use when informally talking with colleagues.


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